To respond to changing requirements and new demands of faculty, students and parents, education institutions must adjust business processes for better measurement and outcomes.

A traditional school campus system finds itself struggling between stringent timelines and growing information needs of various stakeholders. Areas like fee or admission management are highly complex and require great amount of manual intervention. It is a common practice amongst institutions to deploy their faculty towards documentation, collation and other related activities.

Presenting, Edoolinke- an advanced ERP solution for schools

Admission Management Module

Got a long queue of candidates wherein the selection procedure consumes more time and translates into meager profits! Simplify it with our cost-effective Admission Management Module

Fee Management Module

The complicated fee payment structure and documentation might just add chaos to calculations. Uncomplicate the process with our Fee Management Module

Timetable Management

Does Mrs. Verma’s absence count as a ‘funtime’ session for her class? Do your 9th Graders need an additional class on Mathematics every day? Crack the best timetable and substitution plan with our Timetable Management Module

Examination & Grading Module

Is your seating arrangement good enough to keep the veteran tricksters at bay? Does your teaching staff spend more time generating hall tickets than evaluating the answer sheets?
Our Examination & Grading Module can resolve related issues.

Employee & Student Attendance Module

Can you access attendance records with just a click of a button? Do you have to rummage through attendance registers for updating leave balances of your staff?

Our Attendance Module offers unprecedented convenience in maintaining and updating attendance records

Edoolinke is

School Management Software System

equipped to optimize processes across departments. Download the Edoolinke e-brochure to get an insight into this revolutionary

School ERP


School Information System.